Sea Change Martini by Corinne Mossati on Dulcie’s Cocktail List

Sea Change Martini by Corinne Mossati on Dulcie's Cocktail List

I created the Sea Change Martini, an original and bespoke cocktail for Dulcie’s cocktail bar in Sydney’s Kings Cross as part of their Dry (Martini) July promotion.

“We gave our friends Carte Blanche of our spirits cabinet and they came back with a selection of the most LUXE and BOOZY menu of high proof Martini’s. These are strictly limited to Dry July”.

Dulcie’s at Kings Cross is renowned for being a sophisticated and captivating cocktail bar that serves all-Australian spirits. The Sea Change Martini was my contribution to Dulcie’s Martinis Between Friends cocktail list, featuring all-Australian spirits and ingredients that has not been previously shared or published.

I described the Martini as follows:

The West Winds Broadside Navy Strength Gin (58% ABV) meets Adelaide Hills Dry Vermouth and a gentle sea salt spray with sea asparagus garnish. It’s a dry, savoury and maritime Martini kissed by the sea.

The cocktail was available exclusively at Dulcie’s Kings Cross for the month of July 2019. The recipe was subsequently published on Cocktails & Bars after the promotion ended.

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