Sustainable Gardener Award Runner Up

My Claytons Compost post was runner up in the Sustainable Gardener Award in the Grow It Local Awards. Last year, I won first prize in the Best Veggie Patch Name category.

Sustainable Gardener Award

Sustainable Gardener Award entry:

How to Set Up a Claytons Compost in a Tiny Courtyard Garden:

🪱Take a discarded worm farm from council clean up and save it from landfill.
🪴 Squeeze it in a shaded spot in your tiny courtyard garden.
☕️ Set it up with a layer of cardboard from a delivery box, spent coffee grounds from your coffee machine and a handful of worms from your other worm farm.
🍃Feed it *exclusively* from the garden: garden trimmings, off cuts of herbs, leafy veg that aren’t fit to consume, chopped up veg that some critter has claimed, dry leaves for browns, you get the idea.
💩 Harvest black gold and put it back in the garden.
♻️It’s a cyclical closed loop system that I’m calling the Claytons Compost: It’s the compost you have when you don’t have a compost.

Why Claytons? Anyone remember the Claytons ad from the 80s with Jack Thompson in a bar having a non-alcoholic drink, “the drink you have when you’re not having a drink”?

Sustainable gardening in small spaces is about getting creative with new ideas and in true Aussie spirit (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), giving them a go.

Here are the judge’s comments on my entry:

Corinne’s entry shows that it’s possible to create your own compost even in a tiny courtyard. Creating your own compost is an important step in gardening more sustainably as it’s taking food and garden waste that would otherwise have been taken off-site and making it into something valuable for your garden, all through the forces of nature. I also love how Corinne inspires by sharing tips on how together started.”

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