Corinne Mossati on Real World Gardener 2RRR 88.5FM

Corinne Mossati on Real World Gardener 2RRR 88.5FM

I am on national radio with Marianne Cannon, Presenter of Real World Gardener on 2RRR 88.5FM and Community Radio Network as guest contributor.

In September 2021, Marianne Cannon, Presenter of Real World Gardener contacted me for an interview on her radio show which is broadcast on 2RRR 88.5FM and the Community Radio Network. My first segment went to air on Wednesday 29 September at 5pm, repeated on Friday 1 October at 9am then broadcast across Australia on the Community Radio Network at 9.04 AEST on Saturday 2nd October. I was subsequently invited to contribute to further radio segments.

Marianne Cannon has been broadcasting Real World Gardener since September 2009. Her radio program covers a wide scope of horticultural topics such plant of the week, kitchen garden, design elements, the good earth, plant doctor, nutrition and tool time just to name a few. Her contributors are experts in their field and include Ian Hemphill from Herbie’s Spices.

Real World Gardener airs on Fridays at 4pm on 2RRR 88.5FM and is subsequently syndicated across the Community Radio Network on Saturdays at 9.04 am AEST.

Corinne Mossati on Real World Gardener

Below are the links to my radio segments in Podbean format:

Mushroom Plant
(23 June 2023)
Coming soon…
(26 May 2023)
Coming soon…
Vietnamese Mint
(25 November 2022)
In this segment, I discuss Vietnamese mint and various ways you can use it in the kitchen and in drinks. RWG article. Podbean.
Bush Beans
(4 November 2022)
In this segment, I share my top tips for growing bush beans for a continual and bumper summer harvest. RWG article. Podbean.
Leaf Celery in the Kitchen Garden
(12 August 2022)
In this segment, I talk about leaf celery, also known as Parcel and how to put it to use in the kitchen garden. RWG Article. Podbean.
Drinks and Tricks with Horseradish
(22 July 2022)
In this segment, I talk to Marianne about the various ways you can grow horseradish, share my tips for using the perennial root vegetable and how you can put it to use in cocktails. RWG Article.
Lemon Verbena in the Kitchen Garden
(23 March 2022)
In this segment, I talk about lemon verbena beyond its popular use in tea, and how to enjoy the perennial herb in the kitchen and in a gin and sonic. RWG Article. Podbean. Mixcloud.
Lacto-Fermented Vegetables in the Kitchen Garden
(23 February 2022)
Back for 2022, I talk about lacto-fermentation and how to preserve your harvest, including how to make a lacto-fermented hot sauce. RWG Article. Podbean. Mixcloud.
Rose Geranium Based Drinks in the Kitchen Garden
(22 December 2021)
In the lead up to the festive season, I talk about how I grow rose geranium in my garden and how I use it to make a festive sparkling cocktail with gin and rosé champagne. RWG Article. Podbean. Mixcloud.
Festive Drinks with Pineapple Sage
(8 December 2021)
Growing pineapple sage and how to use the flowers to flavour honey and how to use the herb in a festive cocktail. RWG Article. Podbean. Mixcloud.
Small Space Gardening – Courtyard Style
(27 October 2021)
Small space gardening and how I set up my courtyard garden where I grow over 200 varieties of plants. RWG Article. Podbean. Mixcloud.
The Hidden Talents of Nasturtiums
(29 September 2021)
In my first segment on Real World Gardener, I talk about the hidden talents of nasturtiums and how I use the leaves, seeds and flowers. RWG Article. Podbean. Mixcloud.

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